Saturday, December 25, 2010

Iain's Chrismas freshie

A nice Chrismas eve scene.

Iain's 6'6" McManus.  A Chrismas present that had him as excited as Ralphie when he recieved his Red Rider bb gun.

Rain in Californeee

 I just got back from California where we had a great time and had a few extremely fun sessions.  The downside to this matter is that it rained 4 out of the 5 days that I was there.  After the 2nd and 3rd days of rain we began seeing headlines on local newspapers that let us know that it was the most rain that southern California had received in 10 years.  While we still made the most of our trip, the rental car was smelling pretty darn FUNKY after being damp for a days on end.  We ended up catching campus point at UCSB pretty darn good and then proceeded to luck into some very long righthanders that night in Ventura. 

A bit of the gloom.
 Doug of Surf Country Surf Shop in Goleta, CA.
This is one of his fin less creations.  Surf Country has a shaping bay right in the shop which is not only very convenient but pretty unique.
 Jeff  and Conor of Surf Country.  Jeff and Conor met in Oz while studying abroad and were able to rekindle their bromance on our trip.  Conor lives in a pretty rad place to go to school.  He is a student at UCSB and can see the Pacific from his apartment complex.
 Just a walk from Conor's apartment.
Campus Point(It was really, really fun).

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010


It's exam week and its been about 38 degrees here in Wilmington the past few days so I have been spending most of the past few days in the library studying.  Hopefully it pays off because if it doesn't then I will have been sitting all day, drinking too much coffee, and eating horrible foods with out any valid excuse.  With the end of this misery in sight (my 5th and final exam is Thursday) I can't help but get excited for my Christmas break. 

Later this month I will be heading out to California with my adventurous travel buddy Jeff and his buddy Clay.  We plan on driving around aimlessly in an effort to treat our sickness of no surf that we have been suffering for the past few weeks.
At then end of the month I plan on heading up to NY to visit my roommate Mike(Squeak, you may have seen him previously in the pro model, pro rip feature) to hang in the city and do some snowboarding upstate.

Photos and updates to come.....